Scot A. Jones: Mr. Jones is a specialist in Business Mergers & Acquisitions and is Texas Licensed in Commercial Real Estate. Education - B.B.A., The University of North Texas. Mr. Jones holds a Degree in Business Management with a special emphasis on Entrepreneurship.

David B. Jones: Mr. Jones is a Certified Public Accountant & Practicing Attorney.
Education - B.B.A., The University of Texas at Austin, Degree in Accounting.
J.D., The University of Texas School of Law. Mr. Jones holds a Law Degree with a special emphasis on emerging growth companies.

The goal of The Jones Group is to champion the community of small and middle market business owners as being the vital economic driving force it is. In this capacity, The Jones Group provides buyers and sellers of small and middle market businesses with all the professional services necessary for the smooth and appropriate transfer of ownership.

We have developed a large database of private equity firms, holding companies, buyer groups, equity investors, passive investors, and individual business buyers since the company's inception in Year 2002.  As the mergers & acquisitions finder, we source buyer candidates and link them to the company in need of acquisition.

American Bar Association
State Bar of Texas
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Texas Licensed in Commercial Real Estate
North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors
Texas Association of Realtors
National Association of Realtors
Recent activity heading into Q1 2018:

  • Multi-Location Medical Company (PENDING)

  • 25 YR Holding Company - 3 Companies; Lighting, Framing, Printing 196,000 Square Feet Facility Consisting of 3 Buildings (PENDING)

  • 17 YR Large Wholesale Salt & Fresh Water Fish Supply Company Serves National Chains Such as PETCO  (ACTIVE)

  • Hormone Replacement & Thyroid Facilities Chain (PENDING)​

  • 7 YR Remodeling Company (SOLD)

  • Smoothie/Bubble Tea, Coffee, & Natural Shake Drink Store, Prized Corner Location (SOLD)

  • Personal Security & Fitness - Entire Franchise Company, Including Franchisee Royalties (ACTIVE)

  • 2 Online Companies (SOLD)

  • Children's Day Care Facility Company (PENDING)

  • Physical Therapy Company (PENDING)

  • Adriatica Restaurant (ACTIVE)

  • 12 YR Pool/Spa Builder/Services - Largest in County (ACTIVE)

  • 14 YR Wholesale Pet Distributor Serves National Chains PETSMART & PETCO in 7 States (ACTIVE)

  • Restaurant 2 Suites Key Location Breakfast & Lunch (ACTIVE)

  • McKinney Square Boutique (SOLD)

  • Dry Cleaners Company : Pick Up Station (ACTIVE)

  • B2B Commercial Printing Company (ACTIVE)

  • Adriatica Women's Clothing Boutique - Coveted Location Next To Starbucks (ACTIVE)